cylinder head 4 channel - cylinder head - different variants of intake manifolds - Obtainable from


cylinder head 4 channel

1 - Leadfree Seat rings
2 - Cleanly planned, valves ground in
3 - Special running valves, larger valve inlet: 32, - outlet: 29
4 - Sinter bronze valve guides, point chamfered
5 - Intake manifold for different carburetors available
6 - Inlet channels cleanly polishes
7 - Intake manifold adapted to cylinder head
8 - outlet channels cleanly polishes



cylinder head

9 - One channel cylinder head
10 - The master with the work

It is also possible to convert one channel cylinder heads with larger Ventille, bronze guidance… so that you still can drive with one carburetor.



different variants of intake manifolds


Valves: Lighter running valves 32/29

Valve guides: From sinter bronze, chamfered

Clapper seats: New one and lead free

Channels: Polished and little increased

Head cleanly planned, and from the outside sand-radiated

Intake manifold is thereby for 2x40DCOE or for motorcycle carburetors (Mikuni)

Or for DCNF carburetor



Obtainable from

Romeo Racing Team

Tel: 0049 7622 671420 oder 0174 914 2281


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